You deserve better than a generic target curve

Every room is unique, just like the speakers within them. Often, generic target curves fail to consider this diversity.

Enter True Target: a revolutionary system that customizes the target curve to match the specific characteristics of your speakers, the acoustics of your room, and your preferred listening distance.

Say goodbye to generic sound profiles and embrace the precision of True Target for an audio experience tailored to you.

True Target is easy to use

Access step-by-step instructions accompanied by video tutorials for easy guidance.

Fast and Accurate

Measurements take less than 1 minute per speaker.

What used to demand 8 hours of manual calibration can now be accomplished in under 20 minutes.

Recommended Equipment

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Recommended equipment for Magic Beans True Target

20ft USB Extension Cable

Ensure that your mic can reach from your computer to each speaker and listening position.


An affordable and popular USB calibration mic that can be used on desktop and mobile devices.

Sugru (optional)
Putty that hardens into a rubber-like substance. Stabilizes the USB connection to prevent damage and disconnections.

Spatial Audio Calibration Toolkit

Plays the required periodic pink noise that True Target uses for measurements. Supports up to 9.1.6 channels.

USB-A to USB-C Adapter

Previous version of the UMIK-1 used a USB-A connection. Newer versions are USB-C. Ensure that you have the proper connection to your computer.

Shock Mount and Tripod

Microphone Shock Mount
Minimize unwanted handling noise when doing moving mic measurements.

Selfie Stick Tripod
Compact and lightweight and allows for handheld and stationary positioning of the microphone. Can also be extended to reach height channels.

Complimentary Periodic Pink Noise Pack

Complementary Pink Noise Pack for Magic Beans True Target customers (valued at $19.99). 16K Periodic Pink Noise for Atmos up to 9.1.6, as well as the Center Height and Top Surround (VOG) used for an Auro3D 13.1 layout. Original tones were created using 48khz sample rate.

Cross Platform Compatibility

True Target operates on Mac, PC, Android, and iOS devices.

A single license grants access across multiple platforms, enabling usage on all your systems.

Get the most out of your system with True Target

True Target Standard

  • Up to 9.1.6 layouts
  • Atmos, DTS-X, and Auro3D layouts
  • Custom layouts
  • Support for up firing speakers

True Target Pro

  • Allows up to 128 channels
  • REW export for additional analysis
  • Nearly unlimited daily calibrations

True Target Export Options

  • 10-band graphic EQ
  • 31-band graphic EQ
  • AU N-Band EQ
  • Behringer NX series
  • CamillaDSP
  • Dirac Live
  • Dirac Live Bass Control
  • Emotiva
  • Equalizer APO
  • Generic
  • MagicBeans Measurement
  • Measurement Data (REW Compatible - Pro only)
  • MiniDSP 2x4 Adv. (full)
  • MiniDSP 2x4 HD (full)
  • MiniDSP 2x4 HD (half)
  • MiniDSP DDRC-88A
  • Monolith HTP-1
  • MultEQ-X (Curves)
  • MultiEQ-X (EQ)
  • StormAudio
  • YPAO for CX-A5200

Custom PEQ

Compatible with all devices that accept parametric EQ.

Post-Calibration Analysis

Unlike other calibration software, True Target goes beyond pre-EQ adjustments by verifying post-EQ results.

Post-EQ Sub Alignment ensures that you set proper subwoofer levels. Say goodbye to guesswork. Get it right based on your custom target.

Restore Previous Calibrations

Seamlessly transfer calibrations to a new system when you upgrade, no need for re-measurement.

True Target App Features

Crafted through extensive research and countless hours of refinement, this calibration app is a game-changer in the world of audio. Explore its standout features:

Per-Channel EQ

Per-channel EQ optimizes the near-field response of each speaker individually.

Global EQ

Global EQ optimize the target response at the listening position so that all speakers follow the same target curve.

Unified Sound Field EQ

Hybrid of per-channel and global EQ optimizes the near-field response of each speaker individually above the transition region and globally at the main listening position.

Unified Sound Field

Correcting a speaker based on its pseudo-anechoic response gives you the most accurate direct sound above the transition region.

Below it, a more idealized global response is preferred for a cohesive listening experience. Unified Sound Field EQ gives you the best of both by determining the specific transition region in your room and giving you the perfect blend.

Unified Sound EQ

Per-channel EQ


Moving Mic Method

  • Reliable and repeatable realtime results.
  • Allows for near-field measurements of direct sound.
  • Far-field measurements show room interaction.

Directivity Detect

  • Our proprietary Directivity Detect feature prevents overcorrection of a speaker where there are directivity mismatches.
  • Enhances overall sound.
  • Accurate calibration method used by pros.


Which version of True Target is right for you?

Compare the different licenses using the chart.

True Target
True Target Sale price$249.00
True Target Pro
True Target Pro Sale price$399.00
Cross platform compatibility



Exports calibration results



Calibrates up to 9.1.6 channels for Dolby Atmos and Auro3D



Calibrates up to 128 channels



Exports to REW



Nearly unlimited daily calibrations