Customer Testimonials

Explore our customer testimonials and dive into firsthand accounts of how Magic Beans True Target has made a difference in their audio systems.

Jeremy O.

Simply Amazing

"So my first impressions with Magic Beans have been simply amazing. I originally ran into some issues getting my custom filters to my AVR, but Joe and the community were great at helping me troubleshoot.

You're probably wondering, is this worth it? Will a custom EQ curve for my theater make my theater sound better? The short answer is yes!

For me, the real thing that continually blows me away is the clarity at my MLP. I can hear things so clearly now as they move throughout my space. I love a good dynamic mix on a movie, and after testing Roma and Evil Dead Rise (which are some of my favorites), I must say I'm hooked. I want to rewatch all of my movies now that I've configured my system with Magic Beans.

So for anyone who is on the fence, think about it like this: are you ever truly planning on hiring a calibrator to come and dial in your system? I know I always said I would, but never did. Well, with Magic Beans, I feel like I have reached a point where I am happy with my system. Great job, Joe, you guys knocked it out of the park!"

"Okay wow holy cr*p. I'm hearing sounds I never heard before in BR2049."

Anthony S.


Significant Improvement

"Magic Beans offers a sleek interface that truly enhances the performance of your speakers, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Since using it with my 7.2.4 setup, I've noticed a significant improvement in the overall sound quality - everything sounds more unified yet distinct. Even subtle sound effects are now more defined and multi-layered. The calibration also worked wonders for my center channel dialogue, eliminating the robotic tone I hadn't even realized was there.

Another great feature is its versatility - you can use it to calibrate almost any device that supports EQ input. I’m not super technical with computers but I found the entire process easy to do once I followed the supplied tutorials."